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Where can you turn in Floyd County, VA, for quality demolition, storm drain installation, rock removal and fuel tank removal, or mulch? Make your first — and only — call to Paul R. Shively, Inc. in Floyd, VA! We offer high-quality, hard work combined with friendly service and decades of experience! Call us right now at (540) 489-5838 to receive your free quote or use the contact form provided on this website! Find out what Paul R. Shively, Inc. can do for you.

Rock Removal, Concrete Removal and Fuel Tank Removal in Check, VA

Our highly qualified team members at Paul R. Shively, Inc. are experts in fuel tank removal, concrete removal, and rock removalWe will rid your yard of those gigantic boulders or that disagreeable concrete pad, professionally and efficiently. 
We will also take care of that unused underground fuel tank on your property. It is more than a nuisance; it can be an environmental hazard! Let Paul R. Shively, Inc. handle that fuel tank removal safely and in accordance to state and federal regulations. No matter where you are in Floyd County, VA, including Check, VA, you can count on Paul R. Shively, Inc. for your rock removal or fuel tank removal!

Excellent Demolition and Storm Drain Installation in Copper Hill, VA

At Paul R. Shively, Inc., we specialize in quality demolition and excavation work. We have many satisfied customers throughout Copper Hill, VA, and all of Floyd County, VA, and we cannot wait to add your name to the list!
We also specialize in grading work, no matter the size of the project, for residential or commercial customers.
Our experts pay attention to even the smallest detail and keep communication open with you throughout the entire project, and we keep our excavators, graders, and dozers in excellent working order to ensure exact precision on the job!
Satisfied clients through Copper Hill, VA, and Floyd County, VA, also trust us for our excellent site preparation work and storm drain installation for construction sites. We will properly clear and level your site, provide access for utilities, excavate for foundations, and efficiently install your storm drain, water main, or sewer line.

Contact us right now, no matter where you live or work in Floyd County, VA.

The Highest Quality Mulch and Service in Floyd, VA

We do it all, because in addition to our stellar demolition work, storm drain installation, rock removal, and fuel tank removal, we also sell and lay high-quality mulch, topsoil, and decorative stone to strengthen your landscape and beautify your Floyd County, VA, home or place of business. When you call Paul R. Shively, Inc. for your mulch needs, there is no need to worry. You will get the best mulch — and the best service!

Paul R. Shively, Inc. is Here For You Throughout Floyd County, VA!

Whether you live in Copper Hill, VA, Check, VA, or Floyd, VA, Paul R. Shively, Inc. is your sure thing! In fact, no matter where you live or work throughout Floyd County, VA, we will give you the hardest work, the best expertise and the friendliest service in your demolition work, your storm drain installation, the laying of your mulch, or your rock removal or fuel tank removal! We certainly give you the value you deserve!
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