Paul R. Shively, Inc. Also Handles Rock Removal and Fuel Tank Removal

Both homeowners and businesses throughout Montgomery County, VA always call Paul R. Shively, Inc. in Floyd, VA first for all of their demolition, storm drain installation, grading and rock removal needs. You should, too! Contact us today by calling (540) 489-5838 to receive your free quote and discover what Paul R. Shively, Inc. can do, or use the contact form provided on this website!

Outstanding Demolition Work and More in Blacksburg, VA

At Paul R. Shively, Inc., our highly qualified team offers outstanding demolition and excavation work for all of Montgomery County, VA, including Blacksburg, VA. We also specialize in grading work, big jobs or small jobs, residential or commercial. We pay close attention to every detail of the project, and we maintain a fleet of dozers, excavators, and graders to bring exact precision to the task! 

We also offer excellent
site preparation work and storm drain installation for construction sites throughout Montgomery County, VA, and Blacksburg, VA. Access for utilities? Not a problem for Paul R. Shively, Inc. Clearing and leveling a site? We do it expertly and efficiently! Installation of a storm drain, sewer line, or water main? Done, and done well! 
Call us today, no matter where you work or live in Montgomery County, VA.

Fuel Tank Removal and Rock Removal in Christiansburg, VA

We are also experts in rock removal, concrete removal, and fuel tank removal, professionally disposing of annoying boulders, unsightly concrete, and dangerous unused underground storage tanks throughout Christiansburg, VA, and Montgomery County, VA, since 1987! Is that big boulder hindering your landscaping plans, but is just too big for a DIY project? Call the professionals at Paul R. Shively, Inc. That rock is as good as gone. Do you have an underground fuel tank that needs removed? You cannot just ignore it. It is a potential environmental danger, as it will start to leak as it deteriorates. And you cannot handle it yourself, with the state and federal regulations governing fuel tank removals. Count on us! Paul R. Shively, Inc. will efficiently, safely, and professionally perform your fuel tank removal in Christiansburg, VA and and all throughout Montgomery County, VA.

Mulch, Decorative Stone, and Topsoil in Radford, VA

Paul R. Shively, Inc. also sells and lays mulch, topsoil, and decorative stone. Residents and businesses in Montgomery County, VA, including Radford, VA, count on us for their mulch needs. When you buy your mulch, topsoil, and decorative stone from Paul R. Shively, Inc., you get the best! Our service is outstanding, as well!

Quality Work, No Matter Where You are in Montgomery County, VA!

No matter where you are in Montgomery County, VA — whether it is Blacksburg, VA, Christiansburg, VA, or Radford, VA — you can be certain of high-quality work when you call Paul. R. Shively, Inc. for your demolition work, grading, rock removal or fuel tank removal, storm drain installation, or mulch. We pair hard work with expertise, and mix in some friendly customer service to provide you with the value you deserve.
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