Trust Paul R. Shively, Inc. to Make the Grade!

Grading is precise work; the degree of grade is exactly marked on the plans for your project. You need an excavator who can hit that mark! Rely on Paul R. Shively, Inc. in Floyd, VA! We offer the best grading work through the entirety of Southwest VA.

Call us today at (540) 489-5838 or use the contact form provided on this website to get a free quote on your residential or commercial grading project!

Quality Grading Work From Roanoke, VA to Rocky Mount, VA

We should be your first choice for all of your grading needs, from Roanoke, VA, and Salem, VA, to Blacksburg, VA, and Christiansburg, VA, from Rocky Mount, VA, to the Smith Mountain Lake, VA, area! We have been providing quality grading work since our inception in 1987, and our highly qualified team is fully licensed and bonded, meaning you can count on an expert effort with hard work and attention to the smallest detail. We also follow strict company safety protocols, even above vocation-wide standards, so we will complete your project safely. We own and operate a well-maintained fleet of excavators, dozers, and graders to ensure that the job is done with utmost efficiency and precision, down to the very degree of grade.
Simply put, if you want the best grading work possible, call Paul R. Shively, Inc.!

No Matter How Complicated the Task, We Set the Slope!

Our team at Paul R. Shively, Inc. will discuss your particular grading needs with you before beginning the project, making certain of all of the specifications laid out in your drawings. We will continue to keep those communication lines open with you, informing you of our progress and of any unforeseen setbacks or obstacles.

We will also determine the best method for completion before our equipment digs one bucketful of dirt.
No matter whether the project calls for a simple level base or a specified degree of slope, we can handle it. If you are grading for a foundation, a base for a road or driveway, surface drainage, or any other reason, whether it is a commercial or a residential grading job, you can count on Paul R. Shively, Inc. Many residents and companies through the Southwest VA area have placed their trust in us, and we deliver, as evidenced by our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our expert team at Paul R. Shively, Inc. handles building and concrete demolition, commercial site work and utilities, storm drain installation, rock removal, and underground fuel tank removal. We also sell and lay mulch, topsoil, and decorative stone. You can completely count on Paul R. Shively, Inc. for whatever project you need done.


Make Paul R. Shively, Inc. your choice for grading work all through Southwest VA. Contact us today at (540) 489-5838 for a free quote on your project, or use the contact form provided on this website.