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Residents and businesses in Martinsville, VA, and throughout the entirety of Henry County, VA, always place their trust in Paul R. Shively, Inc. for the best value in demolition work, rock removal or fuel tank removal, storm drain installation, and mulch! Contact us today at (540) 489-5838 or by using the provided contact form on this website! We provide you with a free quote for your project. Find out what Paul R. Shively, Inc. can do for you or your business.

Demolition, Grading and Storm Drains in Martinsville, VA

One of our specialties at Paul R. Shively, Inc. is our demolition work. We have completed countless jobs for countless pleased clients in Martinsville, VA, and throughout all of Henry County, VA. Let us show you what we can raze! We also specialize in grading projects for residential and commercial clients in Martinsville, VA. The size of the job does not matter; we give every customer our best effort! Our team pays sharp attention to every detail included in your plans, and we will hit the mark! We keep communication open with you, and our dozers, graders, and excavators stay in great working order for precise efficiency! People and companies throughout Martinsville, VA, and Henry County, VA, also rely on our outstanding site preparation work and storm drain installation for construction sites. You can be certain that we will clear and level your site well, properly provide access for your utilities, and expertly install your water mains, sewer lines, and storm drains.

Efficiently Removing Rocks and Fuel Tanks in Collinsville, VA

Not only do people trust us again and again for our quality demolition work and storm drain installation, but they also call us for professional-grade rock removal, concrete removal, and fuel tank removal! No matter where you are in Henry County, VA, including Collinsville, VA, we will get rid of any nuisance rocks or concrete from your lawn or garden, professionally and with great care and consideration. We also handle your fuel tank removal with the utmost safety, in accordance to state and federal regulations. You can trust that Paul R. Shively, Inc. will remove your unused fuel tank properly and professionally! In Collinsville, VA, and Henry County, VA, you can count on Paul R. Shively, Inc.!

Mulching the Lawns and Gardens of Horsepasture, VA

Not only does Paul R. Shively, Inc. do demolition work, grading, storm drain installation, rock removal, and fuel tank removal — and do them all well — but we also sell and lay high-quality mulch, decorative stone, and topsoil! Let us beautify your home or company’s landscape throughout Henry County, VA, including Horsepasture, VA. When you count on Paul R. Shively, Inc. for your mulch needs, you can be certain you are getting the greatest mulch combined with the greatest service anywhere in Henry County, VA!

Your Only Choice in Martinsville, VA, and Henry County, VA

People and companies all throughout Martinsville, VA, Collinsville, VA, Horsepasture, VA, and the entirety of Henry County, VA, turn again and again to Paul R. Shively, Inc. for value they deserve and the work they can count on. We know demolition. We know storm drain installation. We know mulch. We know rock removal and fuel tank removal. And we know how to give you hard work, dedication to the project, and friendly customer service.

Why call anyone else? Make your first — and only — call to Paul R. Shively, Inc. in Floyd, VA. You will not be disappointed; that is a fact.
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